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Natural Pet Food Recipes

Welcome to our Natural Pet Food Recipes web site.

It is our hope that you will find something here that will interest or maybe educate you. We have also provided links to other sites and products that you may find useful.

We’d like to start, however, by asking you to consider what really are ‘Natural’ pet foods. Most of us have a vision that it means feeding our pets stuff that, were they not domesticated, they would eat in the wild. Thus we have seen an upsurge in raw meat diets and diets made with all sorts of ingredients which owners want to feed their pets in the belief that those foods are the best thing for them.

Much of this has occurred, particularly in the USA and Canada, because of an episode in which proprietary pet foods were contaminated and caused the deaths of a large number of pets.

However, there is a problem in that our pets are domesticated. Much though we’d like to see the similarities our dogs aren’t wolves and our cats aren’t lions. Those changes in our pets from their wild forefathers means that we aren’t dealing with the same thing at all. Can you imagine a pack of King Charles Spaniels out hunting elk?

Indeed, even those who promote the diets that are closest to ‘wild’ diets have to add supplements. And as soon as you start adding supplements you aren’t using ‘natural’ food. Can you imagine a wolf popping round to the pharmacy for some vitamin pills to make up for his dietary deficiencies? The simple fact is that if you only fed your pet the foods that its relatives ate in the wild it would succumb to poor health and a short life.

We believe that natural foods for pets means getting as close as you can to a similar diet to that of their wild relatives but using the best quality substitutes available and with the addition of minerals and vitamins, where appropriate, to ensure a long, healthy and happy life. So instead of feeding your dog freshly killed deer it’s much more likely that you will feed him minced beef.

We like to think that ‘natural’ means the best quality, fresh food. On the pages here you will find some recipes and links to others that we hope you’ll find useful. We’ll also try and give you some useful pointers about specific needs and about foods to avoid.

We hope that feeding a natural pet food becomes part of the way you care for your pet and we wish you years of happiness together.